As Pluunge goes live we want to share our founder Jackie’s journey to making her dream a reality. Read on to find out where it all began and what she’s looking forward to as we take our first baby steps into the crazy but exciting world of web shops.

So Jackie, why did you decide to create Pluunge?

For me, a long-standing career in the premium hotel industry, has given me a real insight into how customers are constantly looking for “premium” choices across a raft of areas. From cupboard staples such as bread to olive oil, the desire to upgrade, in a recession stricken economy, is being met in all UK categories… well nearly all…

I’m someone who loves to embrace style across all areas of my life. I’m also someone who loves water and whose family has pretty much grown up in the water. However, I’ve experienced first-hand how “style” and “children’s swimwear” aren’t a combination that are readily available over here in the UK and if they are it’s few and far between and almost always via an overseas website, which equals overseas delivery charges!

Pluunge was born from my love of style and water and wanting to bring the two together for parents, creating the online home of stylish children’s swimwear and accessories. Through the selections that I personally handpick every season we’re able to offer children’s swimwear items that you and your little yous will love both in and out of the water.

And how did you decide on the unusually spelt name?

It came from one of my other great loves, France. Having frequently escaped there in holiday seasons with the children, I fully embraced the French language. I love how a fairly harsh sounding word like “plunge” in English translates into a more evocative and expressive “plonger” – pronounced “plonge-eh”. I wanted to create this softer and longer sound with the recognisable English word “plunge” so an extra u it was. Which works really well given this site is all about u and little u! Also, for me it captures what we all love about the power of immersing yourself in water, our brand name just captures how children do it in a slightly more dynamic way than us adults!

Can we expect anything else from Pluunge?

I don’t envisage this journey stopping here as I’m constantly exploring ways to grow our collections and fully recognise there are other ways we can add that touch of style to our day to day life. So stay close to be the first to hear what else we are diving into….for now, of course, I encourage you to Pluunge in, just like I did!